• Refund policy

All the Magento extensions which is available for purchase on our website are downloadable, fully-functional and source code are directly available not encrypted so we can cant refund amount after purchasing.

If our extension is not working with you website share access credential(FTP and database access) and will look in to issue.

If you purchase one of our products, after your payment has cleared you will receive an email with the order id and a downloadable link to download product.

Once this information is emailed to you, no refunds will be given. We have this policy since it would be impossible for you to return your amount.

***we will offer the refund in case if we will not able to resolve the issues in our module****

Still if you have any query please write a support ticket -

Customer Service available Mon - Sat 11am - 8pm GMT+7

Contact us: or Give us a call: +91-9873-1132-73

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