Layered navigation with ajax filter

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Layered navigation with ajax filter


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  • Replaces default navigation with fast AJAX navigation, working as responsive feature with RWD magento theme

  • It enables your customers to shop by multiple attributes in a category layout page.

  • Working with responsive mode with rwd magento theme .

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Ajax multiple attribute filter navigation

Ajax based multiple attribute filter navigation Layered Navigation makes your layered navigation more flexible and user-friendly! and efficient. This extension extends default layered navigation and enhances it with beautiful and fast AJAX approach with check box and price slider. This extension enable your customers to select product parameters and attributes with ajax without page refresh and customer can quickly narrow down for the right product he wants to get. User can select any attributes which are on navigation panel like checkbox, input field , and links. Layered Navigation features:

  • Quick 5 minute installation
  • Adds advanced layered navigation to your website categories.
  • It enables your customers to shop by multiple attributes in a category layout page.
  • It uses popular Price Slider control.
  • It also allows option to hide change price slider and displays price input box or also display both price slider as well as input box for price range, or user can use default price links. The option can be selected through extension configuration.
  • It shows the attributes in a checkbox, and links;
  • It auto highlights current selection directly in the filter block;
  • Paging and sorting also improved with Ajax calls so no boring page refresh.
  • Changing Grid view to list view and reverse is also done with AJAX calls.
  • All the filters, paging, and sorting done with AJAX so it improves site performance and also boosts user customers experience.
  • Working with responsive mode with rwd magento theme .
  • Filter product with dynamic color box based on color attribute name
  • Filter product with rating wise in multi filter mode
  • Stock availability filter with exiting navigation.

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